Pre-Order Here for the 2020 Farmers Market

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How to Order


Order Cutoff Day/Time


Organically grown,
hand tended vegetables

Restocked by:
Saturdays at 3:00 pm
Order by:
Wednesday at 11:59 pm

Fruits, vegetables
and flowers

Order by:
Thursday 12 noon

Fruits, vegetables,
herbs, plant starts

Order by:
Wednesday 10pm

Heirloom fruits and
vegetables, flowers
and duck eggs

Restocked by:
Sundays at 8:00 pm
Order by:
Friday 9 am

Meat, Poultry & Eggs

Pastured poultry, pork
and eggs, and lamb
when available

Order by:
Friday 9 am

Use “HFM” in subject line.
Click here for available cuts

All natural and pasture raised,
dry-aged beef

Order by:
Wednesday 12 noon
for custom cuts

Thursday 12 midnight
for fresh or frozen
inventory in stock


to receive this week’s fresh fish selection (weekly selection list will be distributed every Thursday)

Fresh fish, lobsters
and lobster meat

Order ASAP or by:
Friday 9 pm

Fresh and frozen fish,
shellfish and fish chowders

Order by:
Thursday 11:59 pm

Pick-Up Process for the 2020 Farmers Market

Pick-Up Map for the 2020 Farmers Market

95 Station Street, Hingham, MA, 02043

The pickup process will move through the Station Street parking lot in a loop:

              • Enter at the west end of Station Street (left side of map, red block)
              • Meet volunteers at information booth (yellow block). Please bring a sheet of paper to display with your last name and vendors you’ll be visiting on it. This will help us keep the market moving.
              • Move vehicle through pickup loop, guided by volunteers (green blocks)
              • Exit onto the east end of Station Street (red block at right)